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APS Hurricane Protection Products

Roll-Down Shutters

 Safe from storms within minutes, the design of a roll-down shutter stands top in its class. Choose between manual or electric for ease of deployment.  Custom designed, your shutters receive a textured finish to match the exterior of your home perfectly.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters are affordable and safe.  Custom designed to fit your windows and doors, these shutters are made from powder-coated aluminum and provide maximum protection.  Their easy locking systems guarantee your family home is storm ready within minutes. Available in white, ivory, beige & bronze.  

Bahama Shutters

Bahama hurricane shutters appeal to customers who own coastal properties or favor a beachside look to their homes. Made from powder-coated aluminum, these shutters have hinged tops with supporting adjustable pump arms that are made from aluminum. This allows for the hardware to withstand the salt air of beach towns and harsh environmental elements that come with category hurricanes. Very easy to operate, Bahama hurricane shutters close within minutes to secure windows during storms. The unique coastal look of the Bahama shutter makes it a good fit for Floridians.

Colonial Shutters

A traditional look in hurricane protection, colonial shutters offer top-quality storm protection. Colonial shutters are available in arched or standard shapes and a variety of styles. During installation, these custom-fit shutters are mounted to the sides of your window openings with a simple close and lock system. In the off-season, colonial shutters stay permanently affixed to your home adding a classic look to your neighborhood. Architecturally pleasing as well as functional, these shutters are extremely durable and quality tested to withstand hurricane-force winds and other environmental effects of storms. 

Impact Screens

Impact Roll Down Screens provide your home year-round protection from the elements. They are removable or motorized, and lightweight, which makes them easy to lift and store. They also provide privacy and shade in addition to their storm protection. Plus, our temperature control feature keeps your home comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

Corrugated Panels

Enjoy maximum storm protection while maintaining your view with corrugated shutter panels. The clear polycarbonate is designed to be lightweight without losing the durability needed to withstand hurricane-force winds. Panels fit perfectly over each window opening and can be manufactured to a custom fit. They can be put up horizontally or vertically, taken down or left or year-round due to their see-thru appearance.

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